[ Discovery Synopsis ]


Raymond L Kafka III


Jonathan Niles is a brilliant Psychologist.  He is also plagued.  His family and friends are trying to discover what has captured his attention, to no avail.  His activities remain a mystery.  No one knows the enterprise he engages in when he says he’s at dinner with friends or at the gym.  With the exception of an elite few.  Employees whose loyalty is second only to their blissful ignorance.


Jonathan has always been what a people call outgoing.  After an alumni dinner at the university, he makes a contact that will forever change the course of his life.  His contact reports discovering a unique plant extract that has amazing properties.  Jonathan takes the bait and discovers the extract indeed has great potential.  To what end is his only question.


Never one to be deterred, Jonathan quickly uses his free time and resources to construct a medical study.  Insomnia.  People line-up to discover why they’re not sleeping well at night.  Jonathan promises relief due to a therapeutic system of evaluation and conflict resolution he personally has been developing.  Not only does he promise a resolution to the issues his clients have, there’s an added bonus.  It’s free.  Costs are covered due to participation in and the publication of the study’s information.  Anonymously, of course.


Jonathan has been collecting information on the human animal for some forty-plus years now.  He’s curious about the issues his clients are struggling with.  Finding himself bored with his tenured position at Harvard, he suddenly wants to conduct a new experiment.  His insomniacs are going to be helping with his education in an exciting new way.  And Jonathan?  Jonathan just might have the solution to their insomnia, in addition to something unexpected.


During the study, the clients are sedated every night with Drowsee, common industry stuff.  What the clients don’t know is the Real reason for the medical study.  Jonathan is indeed looking to help them with their problems.  He also has a less than noble reason for the study.  Jonathan’s plant extract indeed has a unique property.  He discovers it increases the functionality of the human brain.


Under the guise of the sleep study, Jonathan tests his new discovery with interesting results.  Now, under investigation, Jonathan moves his study to a new location.  What will Jonathan discover this time around?  Will he himself be discovered?  And, more importantly, will his discovery benefit or destroy all of mankind?




The first book in a two book series by new author Raymond L Kafka III